Cupel Solutions Ltd - About us

The team offers extensive experience of change programmes, either IT driven or construction led. We have a record of acheiving successful change across a broad cleint base. Our success is based on providing a tailored servoce to meet your specific needs.

Cupel Solutions provides:

  • Top Quality people who work as a team
  • Delivery of the whole solution
  • Ownership of issues
  • Proven methods of working
  • Quality Partners
  • The relationship between the customer and supplier

We focus on:

  • Delivering outstanding results through innovative services
  • Developing long-term relationships based on service excellence
  • Establishing a reputation for success, fun and teamwork

We value:

  • Results - Focusing on delivering benefits in the work we carry out
  • Service - Delivering quality customer focussed solutions
  • Teamwork - Working to support our customers and suppliers
  • Humour - Having fun in all our dealings
  • Change - Seeking innovative new ways to develop imporved solutions.

Directors Dilema
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