Cupel Solutions Ltd

"Independendent consultancy..."

Delivering project management services to your Business and Technical IT projects

Specific construction services for Quality control, Quantity Surveyors, Estimators and Project Management

Energy Industry knowledge from Metering and industry data, through to generation from hydro and bio mass plants.

Services that support from concept into implementation, through to benefit delivery.

We are pleased to be members of the British Icelandic Chamber of Commerce and have sponsored Trade missions between the two countries."

Cupel Solutions can support companies wishing to invest in the UK, in particlular the North of England, by offering servies that will ease the transition into the local area such as IS services, accommodation, utilities and resouirces.

Business problems sometimes need to be viewed from  different angles to get a different persepctive.


Benefits Riddle
Do I really understand the benefits I'm aiming for ?
Is the investment maximising profitability ?
Our experience can help you answer your riddle.
Take the opportunnity to get on top.